Cònia School

Summer course in Techniques of Representation
directed by Claudia Castellucci

The Course unfolds over three successive classes or years. It is a “school” thanks to its way of linking study to a human relation in which the teacher and the scholars invent a way of living and studying together, with a rhythm of its own, through conditions that shape its time and sensations. Study and exercise are parametric structures, useful in probing one’s own personal outlook, and are particularly suited to the needs of young people who begin engaging in a representation of the world which involves various techniques. The Course takes place through listening, discussions and oriented exercises; it is not a workshop intended for an evaluation of one’s personal work. The study concerns the particular features of human representation, seen according to some of its facets that set out a real grammar. Purpose, matter, technique, form, surface: these are the elements to be analysed. The practical exercises, which generally involve theatre, serve to experience the quality of the duration and the formal outline.
The main subjects are: Historical grammar of the figurative arts, Elaboration of myth, Chronology, Psychology of duration, Choreo-gymnastics, Song, Metrical movement, Theory of representation.


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