Verso la specie

dance by the Compagnia Mòra

choreography by Claudia Castellucci
music by Stefano Bartolini
dancers Sissj Bassani, Silvia Ciancimino, René Ramos,
Francesca Siracusa, Pier Paolo Zimmermann

production director Benedetta Briglia
organisation Camilla Rizzi
production Societas

photo Nicolò Gialain

The title expresses a choreographic purpose: Towards the species! That is, it aims at detecting and reproducing essential and general images that surface, barely defined, just enough to be distinguished. The Dancers take up positions they have retained in their memories, or forms that imitate a deep genetic memory, which only physicality, with its specific memory, can extract. And, between the representation of one figure and the next, a passage brings about a transformation that is given special treatment here. It is an attempt to dwell within the time of passage between one gesture and the next, to fully live the duration of the entire dance and not only the time of the gestures that come to the forefront. A tenor of intensity remains intact along the whole duration of the dance, which concerns the actual occurrence of movement.

The dance’s rhythmic research draws on the metrics of archaic Greek poetry, a few of whose feet were chosen. The animal side of rhythm, instead, comes from the movement of horses. This dance is a revelation of individual presence, which emerges out of – and thanks to – choral movement. The music is the propulsive origin of this dance, with a composition that grew together with the movement, step by step.


Video excerpt