The Errant Method.

The Actor’s Work in Front of a Child’s Eyes

theatre workshop for actresses and actors
meeting with teachers and parents
coordinated by Chiara Guidi, following the Errant method

photo Nicolò Gialain

With her Errant method, Chiara Guidi questions both sides of representation, action and reception,  by including both the children’ gaze and their tendency to spontaneously take the initiative within the theatrical event.

The method starts by creating a relation between actors, educators and children within the area of the performing arts. What then occurs is an errant inversion of the educational process, going from what one knows to what one does not know. Theatre is thus adapted to the inventive and pragmatic form of knowledge practiced by children, doing away with stereotypically infantile imagination and using the primitive procedure of their tactile gaze.

Art invites us to rethink reality. It is nourished by particular questions, within the context of our world today and its entropic proliferation of degraded images. The compositional principles of the fairy tale transform us and shift our gave, altering it and guiding us towards a different awareness of our own thought, thus giving way to an oblique and maieutic gaze that lives within a relation.

The Errant method brings these relations into focus, in three movements: a workshop with the actors, the show The Land of the Earthworms with the children participating, and meetings with the teachers and parents of the classes that participate.