Report on the Retrograde Truth of the Voice

dramatic reading taken from the book
'The Voice in a Forest of Invisible Images'
(Nottetempo, 2017)

by and with Chiara Guidi

“I am refining a vocal technique based on imitating everything that can be heard with the human ear, without discrimination. I perceive the vast encyclopaedia of all sound phenomena on the earth, and I treat it like a set of notes and intervals that makes up a symphony. Each day, I make an effort to listen to, imitate and transcribe this symphony onto a score of my own, with a newly invented notation, which serves to keep my memory in order and reproduce these sounds. I call it a ‘molecular’ technique, because only a microscopic approach allows me to define the sound profile of each element. The cultural and emotive levelling carried out on all inflections and meanings of the human voice places the latter alongside all frequencies of sound. All of the sound production in the universe, whether active or passive, thus winds up on the same level, as raw materials to be coldly observed. The vocabulary is enriched with new words and the oratorical melodic scale reproduces voices taken from the smallest sound particles of the earth. This is the beginning of the path that leads backwards towards the truth of the human voice, and towards the classic power of the word”.

From La The Voice in a Forest of Invisible Images by Chiara Guidi

Chiara Guidi talks about her research on the voice, exploring the archetypal elements of this instrument. This research is entrusted to the sound of the voice in relation to the sound that words produce, to discover in music that which is potentially closed off by meaning.