The Treatment of the Waves

Dance by the Compagnia Mòra

Choreography: Claudia Castellucci
Music: Stefano Bartolini
with the Bells of the Saint-Benoît d'En-Calcat Abbey, recorded in 1958

Dancers: Sissj Bassani, Silvia Ciancimino,
René Ramos, Pier Paolo Zimmermann

Production director: Benedetta Briglia
Organisation: Camilla Rizzi
Production: Societas, Cesena

photo Nicolò Gialain

The rhythm of bells lies at the root of this dance, furthermore opening up to its negative, absent part: silence and the memory of a sound that is prolonged over time and that, while being dispersed, incorporates new rings. Our work involves the sound of the bells and the presence of the dancers, caught between the chiming and the rests. The dance is founded on the sound of the bells and is carried out with staves.

The spectral consistency of this sound leads to a form of listening that binds together presence and memory (a presence that does not pass). The sequence of the beats, which continue to float in the air, generates aleatory coincidences and different rhythms that come together. The Dancers treat all of this like a teaching.


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