concept, direction: Romeo Castellucci
music: Scott Gibbons
with: Ana Lucia Barbosa

technical director: Eugenio Resta
sound project: Claudio Tortorici
props: Andrei Benchea
production director: Benedetta Briglia
production: Caterina Soranzo
promotion, distribution: Gilda Biasini
organization: Giulia Colla
administration: Simona Barducci, Elisa Bruno, Michela Medri
photos: Luca Del Pia
video: Eva Castellucci

a Triennale Milano and Societas production commissioned for the 23rd International Exhibition Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries (July 15 – December 11, 2022)

The technical meaning of the word emblem (‘to put inside’) indicates an inlay that leads to a composition of figures. In Roman times it indicated a dispositio, or a combination of effective images. The emblem straddles words and the links between them, in order to say something else with images. Emblems are ‘silent notes’, like hieroglyphics. They seem ‘mute’ to those who look at them without knowing their meaning. They are painted images that do not need to be said, but rather ‘seen’. tomorrow produces precisely this: signs that, through a play of cross-references, actively express content, that is, signify something other than themselves. “Words signify, things are signified. However, things too can signify at times” (Andrea Alciato, The Book of Emblems, 1531).
tomorrow is the step in front of us? alluding to the shoe.


domani, the new installation by Romeo Castellucci was presented at the Triennale di Milano as a preview of the 23rd International Exhibition in Milan, from 27 May to 5 June 2022.

domani is a conceptual performance, a minimal intervention that reveals itself to the public as a repeated action, a tireless and essential motion in which the human component, represented by the performer on stage, is flanked and completed by a second signifier: music.

An equal relationship that transforms the sound work of the visionary American sound artist and composer Scott Gibbons into a figure in its own right, confirming the decades-long collaboration with Castellucci.