At the Beginning of the City of Rome

Dance by Mòra Company

Choreography: Claudia Castellucci
Music: Stefano Bartolini

Dancers: Sissj Bassani, Guillermo De Cabanyes, Silvia Ciancimino,
René Ramos, Francesca Siracusa, Pier Paolo Zimmermann

Stage technician: Francesca Di Serio
Production director: Benedetta Briglia
Organisation: Valeria Farima
Administration: Michela Medri, Elisa Bruno, Simona Barducci
Production: Societas, Cesena

photo Nicolò Gialain

The title refers to the beginning of one of the most extensive European civilisations, at the down of an organised social living, and the need to regulate relations between human and things, which were multiplying beyond all measures. Thus, Law was born, as a response to the immense number of ‘cases’ to be examined, and this choreography mimics facts, consequences, judgements, and pacts that gave rise to certain motions in human action. The rules of Roman Law grasp the legal side of human affections. The primitive experience underlying these legal abstractions also captures the physical depth of the individual: the instinct of self-preservation, the sentiment of propriety, the concept of justice, the rationale of solidarity, the perception of what is just and the transcendence of a compelling legal system. 


Video excerpt – Roma