All’inizio della città di Roma

dance by the Compagnia Mòra

choreography by Claudia Castellucci
music composed by Stefano Bartolini

dancers Sissj Bassani, Silvia Ciancimino, Guillermo De Cabanyes,
Benedetta Gianfanti, René Ramos, Pier Paolo Zimmermann

production director Benedetta Briglia
organisation Camilla Rizzi
production Societas

photo Claudia Pajewski

This choreography refers to the beginning of Roman civilisation, one of the most vast ever seen in Europe. The accent is placed on the dawn of a social way of life, when forced to conceive an organisation in which many could live together. The fundamental decisions that underlie basic kinds of action, above all those that mark the initial forms of shared life, appear here thanks to the rhythmic and schematic patterns of a dance with strong ties to the sort of collective movement found in folk dance. Rome gave its name to the first forms of law, and the rules of Roman law are an early reference to the collection of behaviour we have accumulated over time, and that covers the legal side of affection. The primitive experience that underlies these legal abstractions also accounts for that which marks human individuals: the instinct of conservation, the sense of property as an inner habit, the concept of justice, a reasoning involving solidarity; and, not least, the relation between these laws and time, which remains in the background, in all its immensity.


Video excerpt – Cesena

Video excerpt – Roma