Cònia School / Fragment

by Claudia Castellucci
teachers Stefano Bartolini, Claudia Castellucci and Simone Menegoi

At the Visual Theatre School of Jerusalem


The study and the exercises that I propose want to experiment the objective weight that time and spatial perspective assume in the dramatic composition. The time is a dimension composed of parts that assume interpretative and emotional guidance functions. Also the spatial perspective leads on certain perceptive and psychic aspects, that have to be sperimented and analysed. Even without a narrative substance, the composition of time quantities and spatial distances create – alone – certain dramatic tensions. It is interesting act in time dimension in an especially ‘visual’ context.

The specific theorical part of the Course will be done in Italian, with the translation into Hebrew by a mother tongue interpreter. In this way we want to forge deep bonds with the specific definitions of the concepts and the stories of the chosen words. The theorical part thus also becomes linguistic, therefore rich in the history of meaning.