Schwanengesang D744.

Conception and direction: Romeo Castellucci

Music: Franz Schubert
Interferences: Scott Gibbons
Artistic collaboration: Silvia Costa
Dramaturgy: Christian Longchamp

With: Valérie Dréville, Kerstin Avemo (soprano) e Alain Franco (pianist)

Costume realization: Laura Dondoli and Sofia Vannini
Production: Benedetta Briglia
Organization: Gilda Biasini, Giulia Colla
Administration: Michela Medri, Elisa Bruno, Simona Barducci
Economic consultant: Massimiliano Coli
Photos: Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Production: Societas
Coproduction with: Festival d’Avignon, La Monnaie (De Munt) Bruxelles

The title – which means “Swan song” – comes from a Lied by Schubert that, sung along with others, composes this evening of songs. We are together, once again, in the untimely cavern of the pit of a theatre, listening to Schubert. Everything flows along, simple and literal, apparently without any conflict. But while I am sitting in the dark listening, a question comes to mind: how is it that this woman who is singing has lived that which I have never lived; and yet, – yes – I am sure that I have, at some time. How can she know my intimate thoughts more deeply than I myself? What is the origin of her song, that touches my own origin so profoundly? And what is the origin of these tears of mine, now, that have no content and are diametrically opposed to any kind of sentimentalism – that I hate ?

Romeo Castellucci


. Auf dem Wasser zu singen / À chanter sur l’eau, D774, 1823 (Poème de Friedrich Leopold von Stolberg) 
. Die Mainacht / La nuit de mai, D194, 1815 (Poème de Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty)
. Ständchen / Sérénade, D957, 1828 (Poème de Heinrich Rellstab)
. Klage / Plainte, D371, 1816 (Poème de Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty) 
. Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt / Seul celui qui connaît la nostalgie, D359, 1816 (Poème de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
. Wiegendlied / Berceuse D867, 1826 (Poème de Johann Gabriel Seidl)
. Nacht und Träume / Nuit et rêves, D827, 1825 (Poème de Matthäus van Collin)
. Schwanengesang / Le chant du cygne, D744, 1823 (Poème de Johann Senn) 
. Du bist die Ruh / Tu es le calme, D776, 1823 (Poème de Friedrich Rückert) 
. Wiegendlied / Berceuse, D498, 1816 (Poème de Matthias Claudus)
. Abschied / Adieu, D475, 1816 (Poème de Johann Baptist Mayrhofer)