Senza Titolo

concept, direction: Romeo Castellucci
movement: Gloria Dorliguzzo

with: Corinna Azzi, Matilde Akie Caracino, Lunella Cherchi, Teresa Del Pia, Adele Di Bella, Alvise Gioli, Ian Gualdani, Erica Modotti, Lucienne Perreca, Roberta Raimondi, Arianna Sain, Angela Stanisci

sound: Nicola Rattia
artistic assistant to lights: Fabio Bozzetta

production: Caterina Soranzo
production direction: Benedetta Briglia
promotion, distribution: Gilda Biasini
organization: Giulia Colla
administration: Simona Barducci, Elisa Bruno, Michela Medri
technical team on site: Lorenzo Camera, Carmen Castellucci, Francesca Di Serio, Gionni Gardini, Eugenio Resta
photos: Luca Del Pia
videos: Carlo Maria Rabai

a production by Triennale Milano and Societas commissioned on the occasion of Triennale Milano's centenary
As part of the project Let-mi...Promote and Experience Milan, financed with the resources of the Development and Cohesion Plan of the Italian Ministry of Tourism

oh, well,

what do you think?

the persistence of action goes to the root of thought in order to know and understand it. no, no concept falls within this form of exhumation. physical action suffices, without the addition of thought. the search draws upon the brain’s substance and its moving excitement, which shapes the mind, the characteristics of your personality; the unmistakable traits of your character. a primal nostalgia plunges into the darkness of time and lineages and displays the traits of a form of prayer. it resembles the ‘reed-like movement’ of many forms of prayer and dance on the planet. at this point, it would be necessary to say what a prayer is. are you capable of doing so? an answer is provided for you through the drama of addressing someone when there cannot be anyone there.



Senza Titolo is a performance installation by Romeo Castellucci commissioned by Triennale Milano on the occasion of the centenary of the institution, which was founded in May 1923 at the Villa Reale in Monza as the Biennale delle Arti Decorative.