Chiara Guidi


After founding – along with Romeo and Claudia Castellucci, and Paolo Guidi – the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, now Societas, Chiara Guidi has developed her personal research on the voice, understood as the dramaturgical key to opening up the sound and sense of a text, while collaborating with musicians including Scott Gibbons, Michele Rabbia, Daniele Roccato, Francesco Guerri and Giuseppe Ielasi. This research has led her to elaborate her technique both in productions for adult audiences and in her specific conception of a art theatre for and with children, which includes historically recognised performances such as Buchettino, developed from Charles Perrault. Among her more recent works: Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex. A Memory Exercise for 4 Female Voices and The Deep Realm. Why Are You Here?, a dramatic reading that sees her onstage with Claudia Castellucci, the author of the text; in addition to The Land of the Earthworms (inspired by the classic tragedy Alcestis by Euripides), Japanese Fables and Oedipus. A Magic Fable (the latter directed with Vito Matera). She conceived the observatories Màntica and Puerilia at Cesena’s Teatro Comandini, and has written the following volumes: Buchettino, with drawings by Simone Massi, Orecchio Acerbo (2014), La voce in una foresta di immagini invisibili (Nottetempo, 2017) and, with Lucia Amara, Teatro infantile. L’arte scenica davanti agli occhi di un bambino (luca sossella editore, 2019). Chiara Guidi has received awards including a 2013 Ubu Special Prize, the 2016 “Lo straniero” Prize, The 2020 Eolo Award Riconoscenza and Ivo Chiesa Prize – School 2021.


Chiara Guidi’s vocal research – repertory dossier

Chiara Guidi theatre for and with children – repertory dossier