Catalysi 2016

International competition for dance and theatre Companies interested in a Theatrical Experimentation created within a Scholastic Context

1st phase: participation in the competition is based exclusively on a written description of the idea to be staged. The utmost simplicity is requested, favouring immediacy and precision in the writing style.

2nd phase: the Socìetas will choose the project that is, in its opinion, the most significant and will contact the Company.

3rd phase: Claudia Castellucci will prepare a parallel School, with subject matters based on the idea presented.

4th phase: the Company will work at the Teatro Comandini in Cesena, home to the SOCIETAS, developing rehearsals of its idea, for three weeks lasting from 12 September to 2 October 2016, during which period it will also follow, in the mornings, the Courses that Claudia Castellucci will propose. This study will be organised both autonomously and parallel to the Company’s rehearsals: study is not a theory of what one is currently doing, nor is the work itself an exemplification of a theory. The Courses will be taught in Italian, or in English.

5th phase: at the end of the three weeks, a public presentation of the work will be programmed.

Place: Teatro Comandini, Via Serraglio 22, Cesena (FC), Italy. The theatre, with its basic equipment (lights and sound), will be available for three weeks, with specialised technical assistance as defined in advance.

Services: possible accommodations for three people in the theatre’s guest quarters (studio/flat) and/or agreements with other facilities.

Cost: 300.00 euro per person. All of the expenses related to the time spent in Cesena (travel, room and board outside of the guest quarters) are to be paid by the participants, as are any expenses related to scenery and accessories.

To participate: send personal information (name, surname, place of birth and residence) and a written presentation of the idea to: within June 2016.

The results of the competition will be communicated to each participant by way of a letter, within July 8, 2016. The Authors of the texts chosen will be convened for further details as to their proposal.

Information: tel +39.0547 25566