Installation by Romeo Castellucci
Music by Scott Gibbons

Tutto [Everything] is the projection of a flurry of words, interwoven with a sound composition by Scott Gibbons. The speed with this they follow one another is proportionate to our mnemic ability of holding in our memory each word that has just appeared. But the frenetic pace with which they arrive means that some of them remain in our minds while others don’t, thus forming entirely arbitrary connections. It is therefore a communication which is hammered in, with a violence matched by its claim to equality. Here, the words are all equal, and all pauses have been abolished. Pauses, or the absence of words, become the battlefield for the military aggression of the words. The signs projected, from the alphabet, are flags planted in a land that has been conquered.

This work shows the dark side of language, considering the quantity of words and of images tied to these words. A language that attempts to communicate everything to everybody; a clarity so clear it becomes dictatorial; and above all a prohibition of silence, the true enemy of communication.

There is no silence in this work. The pauses are that ‘unsaid’ part, which all animals posses but which humans can avoid. It is up to poets to understand the silence that remains even within words.