Catalysi 2019

Artistic residence program

Artist of 2019: G e o r g e M a r i n o v

Catalysi starts in 2016 as an annual competition in which the artists participate communicating their idea of ​​realization through a simple written description. The artists chosen for the two-week residence indicate themes for theoretical discussion, for a seminar that takes place in the mornings of the first week, curated by Claudia Castellucci, also open to other who are interested.

For the year 2019 the management of Societas decided for an alternative way to the Competition, proposing directly to George Marinov, a student who completed the Cònia School, a school residence that runs from 11th to 21st November 2019.

Theoretical lessons and discussions will be held by Claudia Castellucci and Stefano Bartolini and will be open and free for University Students (the registration is necessary). For all the others the lessons have a registration fee. This year’s themes are: The elaboration of the myth, in relation to the contemporary age, and a definition of liturgy as the art of life.

Open lessons:

11 – 14 November 2019 from 10.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Information and registrations: +39 0547 25566 –